The equipment is guaranteed for 12 months from the date of delivery, referring to the main part of the equipment (except for wearing parts).

Guaranteed spare parts supply: If the product model is modified or discontinued, make sure to provide spare parts for the original model within five years.

Supply prices of spare parts and consumables: Prices of spare parts and consumables will fluctuate, but the implementation will follow the market to ensure preferential prices for spare parts and consumables.

Kaihan Laser provides customers with comprehensive after-sales training. In order to allow users to be proficient in the purchased products, our company will provide a series of free pre-job training for operators for the equipment purchased by users, which are divided into theories and Practical part.

1.Trainer demonstration

Our company's training personnel demonstrated the use of each machine to the operator on the spot, combined with the theoretical part, focused on the demonstration of the main points of use, and the precautions for using the machine.

2, the actual operation of the operator

Operators are instructed to perform practical operations by trainers, and our company's trainers perform on-the-spot corrections of operator errors in operation.

3. The actual operation of machine maintenance

The trainees combine the theoretical part with daily maintenance of the machine and daily problems, and conduct demonstration treatments to reduce the operator's blind operation when the machine fails.

4, operator questions

After the theory and actual operation, the operator asks the training staff about the problems encountered in the operation, so that the operator has a better understanding of the machine.

5.Summary of training

I. In the final stage of training, the trainers will correctly demonstrate the incorrect operations of the operators during the actual operation, correct the errors often made by the operators during the operation, and explain the problems that may occur at each stage of the equipment, thereby improving The working efficiency of the equipment extends the service life of the equipment.

2. Kaihan Laser promises to provide ten-year spare parts support services, guarantee conventional parts inventory, and ensure that the original parts are provided at the fastest speed and the most reasonable price.

3. Kaihan Laser provides a round-the-clock service response service, a 24-hour free service hotline, and a 24-hour email service. Professional technicians track and answer user questions to ensure that users' needs are addressed.

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