Fiber laser marking machine-2

2020-01-18 Hangzhou kahan Laser Technology Co., Ltd 0


1. Manufactured with advanced laser technology in the world today.

2. Suitable for fine marking.

3. It can achieve high-speed marking and control the depth and shape of the light spot.

4. It has a red light positioning device, which can accurately indicate the processing position of the laser head, eliminating the trouble of manual positioning.

Products Components
Laser sourceRaycus / IPG / Super Laser
Scanning galvanometerSino / ZBTK
Control board and SoftwareBeijing JCZ and Ezcad
F-theta lensWavelength (Singapore genuine brand)
ComputerIndustrial PC,Yanhongtech
Outside red pointEasy to focuse laser for marking
LED lightLighting when it is pooly lit
Working table100x100mm 150x150mm 200x200mm 300x300mm or Customerized
Protective toolProtective glasses
Foot switchReplacement for manully click of a mouse



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