Why choose a fiber laser cutter?

2019-12-22 Hangzhou kahan Laser Technology Co., Ltd 0

Fiber laser cutting machine, because it can transmit through optical fiber, has an unprecedented degree of flexibility, fewer failure points, convenient maintenance, and extremely fast speed, so fiber cutting machine has great advantages when cutting thin plates within 4mm. Fiber laser has a photoelectric conversion rate of more than 25%. The advantages of fiber lasers in terms of electricity consumption and supporting cooling systems are quite obvious.

Main advantages: high photoelectric conversion rate, low power consumption, capable of cutting stainless steel plates and carbon steel plates within 12MM, which is the fastest laser cutting machine for cutting thin plates among these three machines, with small slits and good light spot quality, can be used for fine Cutting.

Main market positioning: Cutting below 12mm, especially high-precision machining of thin plates, mainly aimed at manufacturers with high requirements on accuracy and efficiency. It is estimated that with the advent of 4000W and above lasers, fiber laser cutting machines will eventually replace CO2 high-power laser Cutting machines in most markets.

Laser cutting machine is a new type of plate processing machinery and equipment emerging from the end of the last century to the beginning of this century. After nearly 20 years of continuous technical updates and process development at home and abroad, the laser cutting process and laser cutting machine equipment are being familiar and accepted by the majority of sheet metal processing enterprises. Many advantages such as three-dimensional cutting processing can gradually replace traditional plate processing methods such as plasma cutting, water cutting, flame cutting, and CNC punching.

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