Sintering Powder Compacts Slm CNC 3D Printing Machine

2019-12-31 Hangzhou kahan Laser Technology Co., Ltd 0


Technology for sintering powder compacts using laser as a heat source. This technology has unique advantages for sintered materials that are not easily completed by conventional sintering furnaces. Due to the small concentration and penetration of the laser beam, it is suitable for sintering small-area, thin-layer products. It is easy to sinter powder or flake compacts different from the matrix composition.

The use of laser sintering for electronic manufacturing has become a feasible solution in many different industries. By providing suitable tools quickly, economic benefits can be promoted. If the complexity of the required tools is high, this technology will show its advantages.

Equipment ModelKH-SLM
Forming Size120X120X100mm
Powder Thickness15-100μm
Laser Power200W
Scanning Speed7000mm/s
Device Positioning Accuracy≤±0.003mm
Preheating Temperature200ºC
Minimum Oxygen Content≤100ppm
Molding AtmosphereN2 Or Ar Protection Gas Consumption ≤ 2L / Min (During Molding) Soot Recovery System
Molding MaterialCobalt Chromium Alloy, Titanium Alloy, Stainless Steel, Mold Steel, Aluminum Alloy, Copper Alloy And Other Metal Powders
Equipment Dimensions1600mmx960mmx1610mm(Lxwxh)
Recommended Installation Space Size3200mmx2500mmx2500mm(Lxwxh)
Equipment Weight800Kg
Power And Power Consumption220V 5Kw
Environment Temperature20-35ºC


The laser can be used to achieve the bonding of high melting point metals and ceramics. Compared with other rapid prototyping technologies, laser sintered parts have good performance, fast production speed, diversified materials and low cost.



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