Industrial Molds and Prototypes 3D SLA Printing Machine

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It uses a specific wavelength and intensity laser to focus on the surface of the photo-curable material, so that it solidifies from point to line and from line to surface in order to complete a layer of drawing operations then another level. In this way, layers are layered to form a three-dimensional solid.

Mainly used in industrial molds and prototypes.

Coating MethodIntelligent Positioning Vacuum Adsorption Coating
Wavelength354.7nmMinimum Power To Page Power≥300mv
Normal Layer Thickness0.1mmQuickly Make Layer Thickness0.125mm
Precision Production Layer Thickness0.075mmSpot Diameter0.10-0.15mm
Scan FormGerman Scanlab  Company Galvanometer Scanning System
Recommended Part Scan Speed6.0m/sRecommended Part Jump Speed10.0m/s
Reference Production Weight70~10g/hVertical Resolution0.00125mm
Reposition Accuracy±0.01mmMaximum Production Part Weight50Kg
Resin Tank Volume≈200.0L(200Kg)Maximum Part Volume600x600x350mm
Resin Heating VisitHot Air HeatingOperating SystemWindows 7
Network Type And ProtocolTcp/Ip,Ieee802.3
Data Preparation SoftwareMaterialise Magics Rp(Optional)
Machine Control SoftwareMagicsCad InterfaceStl File Format
Power Supply220V 50HzEnvironment Temperature20-26ºC
Relative HumidityBelow 40%, No FrostEquipment Weight≈1000Kg
Warranty: 24 Months


1. Light curing molding is the earliest rapid prototype manufacturing process, with high maturity and time-tested.
2. Prototype is directly made from CAD digital model, with fast processing speed and short production cycle, no cutting tools and molds are required.
3. It can process prototypes and molds with complex structure shapes or difficult to form using traditional methods.
4. Visualize CAD digital models and reduce the cost of error repair.
5. Provide samples for the experiment, you can verify and check the results of computer simulation calculations.
6. Online operation and remote control are conducive to the automation of production.



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