Digital Light Curing Molding DLP Technology 3D Printing Machine

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DLP technology is a kind of light curing molding technology, which was first developed by Texas Instruments, called digital light processing rapid prototyping technology.DLP technology uses a higher-resolution digital light processor to cure the liquid photopolymer, which cures the liquid polymer layer by layer.

Mainly used in dentistry (orthodontics, correction, surgical guide), jewelry.

Product NumberKH-DLP100KH-DLP150KH-DLP200
Forming Size64x40x100mm90x56x150mm144x81x200mm
Molding Accuracy50μm65μm75μm
Product Size390x230x340mm430x270x460mm540x400x640mm
Product Weight15Kg20Kg35Kg
Technical PrincipleHigh-Precision Digital Light Curing 3D Printing Technology (Dlp)
Print Layer Thickness0.1-2mm
Type Of Light Source450nm Uv Led Light Source (50,000 Hours)
File FormatSlc, Stl
Power Requirements220V/50Hz
Printing Speed400mm/h
Connection MethodUsb,Wifi
Operating SystemWindows, Linux, Ios
Slicing SoftwareRpform

Distinction from SLA

Same point:
The printing material is also a photosensitive resin.The working principle is to use the characteristics of the liquid photosensitive resin to be cured under the irradiation of ultraviolet light.

1.DLP is formed by surface;SLA is formed by point, and then cured from point to line and from line to surface.
2.DLP molding technology first digitally processes the image signal and then projects the light to cure the photopolymer;SLA uses a laser spot to focus on the liquid photopolymer.



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